Saturday, 3 March 2007

Evidence - UFOs - A Case For NASA

Brilliant models struck on by chance. Well worth the watch. Dr David Sereda does an analysis of NASA footage & explains his theory of a model for travelling at many times the speed of light at zero-G. Persistently keeps in touch with NASA, and battles their awkwardly blind responses to explain his theorys and questions.

100 out of 100.

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    Boomer said...

    This footage is awesome. I love this and the disclosure project stuff WTCLondon got me on. Love to watch stuff that makes you think and wonder about the possibilities. I just wish more people would take something like this more seriously.

    There is no way the STS75 mission is debris, thats impossible, and its not a glare off the lens or window, since the edges are so defined. So why are people so quick to just brush that stuff off? And then on STS80 the same objects appear. Thats two totally separate missions that see nearly identical phenomenae and no one wants to admit that anything fishy is going on. Someday we'll get the answers...